If you'd like to read more about magnet therapy, please visit our Info & Links page. Below are frequently asked questions regarding our bracelets

Q: How long should I wear my bracelet?
A: Wear your bracelet constantly. Magnetic products provide them the most benefit when worn all the time.

Q: Will all magnetic bracelets turn my wrist green?
A: If your bracelet contains copper, it will turn your wrist green. This is the copper from the bracelet being absorbed by the body. The green mark can be removed with soap and water or lemon juice. Our Executive Magnetic Bracelets, made by Sabona of London, do not contain copper, and will not turn your wrist green.

Q: How do I clean my bracelet?
A: Clean your bracelet as you would clean your other jewelry. Use a good jewelry cleaning cloth to keep the outside polished and the inside clean.

Q: How strong are the magnets in the bracelets?
A: The magnet in each tip on Sabona Copper Magnetic Bracelet measures 1800 gauss. Each magnet in a Sabona Executive Magnetic Bracelet measures 1200 gauss. Each magnet in Sabona Professional Steel Twists measures 1200 gauss.

Q: What size should I wear?
A: Your wrist size will be very close to the size you need. Be sure to consider how loose or snug you want your Sabona to be. Typically, you want a link bracelet to fit more loosely.  If a link bracelet is too snug, it will tend to hang up on your skin due to body moisture.

Q: Why should I wear a Copper Wristband?
A: Today, people do not get the copper that is needed from the foods in their diet. You need to put copper back into your system. Your Copper Wristband should be worn at all times. It should only be taken off for cleaning and when in salt water or chlorinated water.

Q: Why wear a Wristband when I can take a copper pill?
A: The Copper Wristband puts copper into your system in an effective time released way. A pill puts copper into your body all at once.

Q: Can I wear my Magnetic Wristband next to my watch?
A: Only wear magnets next to your watcth if your watch is a wind-up. Any watch requiring batteries will be drained.

Q: Can I coat the bottom of my Copper Wristband so it doesn't turn my arm green?
A: If the copper is not touching your skin directly, then you are not getting any copper into your system. Some people do coat the bottom of their wristband with a clear nail polish.

Q: Is there a coating on my Copper Wristband?
A: There is a temporary clear coat on the outside of your wristband. The coating will start to wear off in a short time. Simply clean the rest of the coating off the band.

Q: How often do I need to replace my Copper Wristband?
A: Replace every two years.

Q: Why did my Copper Wristband break/crack?
A: Your wristband is a metal and with the constant bending of taking your wristband off and on it will break. Sometimes if the size of your wristband is too big, it will kink when you bend it to fit your wrist. That kink will eventually crack or break.

Q: My silver wristband is black!
A: Our copper wristbands are plated with the purest silver, and silver does tarnish. If your wristband is black then it has tarnished and a silver polish will clean it up.