Magnetic Bracelets and Copper Bracelets for Men and Women
" I have been wearing magnetic bracelets for years, however, until I purchased a Lady Executive bracelet I never thought of them as a fine piece of jewelry. I get complements every day and the gold and silver goes with all my other jewelry. I ordered the bracelet on Thursday and it was in my mailbox on Monday! I recommend your website to anyone that is looking for the healthy qualities of magnetic therapy and a beautiful way to receive it. "
J. Chadwick
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Kenneth T.
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Pat and Dave L.

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Lady Executive Dress Gold Duet Magnetic Bracelet
Magnetic therapy for pain relief has existed for centuries, and today it exists as a natural and non-invasive alternative or supplement to medication. It is believed by some that magnet therapy increases blood circulation, providing the body with more nutrients. A magnetic bracelet is an attractive accessory, as well as an easy way to receive the benefits of magnetic therapy. If you look at each bracelet description, we list the magnetic strength of the magnets used in that magnetic bracelet. Cimarron Magnetics is proud to offer quality Sabona magnetic and copper bracelets in a variety of styles for men and women. Since 1959, Sabona has manufactured copper and magnetic bracelets, and today are recognized internationally as the leader in the industry adhering to strict quality standards, and fine craftsmanship. 

We also offer Sabona copper magnetic bracelets. Why copper? Various forms of copper has been used by the ancient Egyptians, Greek, Roman, Persian, Hindu and Aztec civilizations for medicinal purposes. Arthritis sufferers may be getting an insufficient amount of copper from their food. Copper from a bracelet can be absorbed into the body through the skin.

Product Categories

Our Sabona magnetic bracelets are stainless steel with designs that include gold plating, black accents, or gems. All of our magnetic bracelets are high quality, and available in a variety of styles. Many of our customers order an assortment for a casual or dress accessory. Both men and women wear our magnetic bracelets with pride, feel good and look stylish! Our bracelets are durable, featuring stainless steel construction. Some of our magnetic bracelet styles combine colored gems and stones for the ladies, and black cable and copper combinations for some of the men's designs.

We have the best quality clasp in magnetic bracelets,  designed to fasten securely to prevent inadvertent opening and the loss of your bracelet. The links are fastened using permanent pins.  Removal of links is not recommended, since the bracelets are designed to stay intact.

Our product line includes variety of western styles and Realtree® brand are available in both copper and magnetic bracelets. We also offer Sabona leather and magnetic necklaces, for both men and women.

The copper bracelets offer gold and silver plating on the outside only, so the wearer still has the benefits of copper next to the skin. The copper is the purest available - 99.99% There is a 1700 gauss samarium cobalt rust-proof magnet in each tip. Our bracelets will maintain their shape and beautiful appearance. You can read more about our copper magnetic bracelets on the FAQ page.

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Copper wristbands and magnetic products are considered to be unproven remedies. Do not wear magnetic products next to a watch. Avoid use of magnet products during pregnancy, or with an electrical implant such as a pacemaker. If you have any questions, consult with your doctor, and continue regular medical care.

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